Sunday, December 29

Happy 2nd Birthday, Boo Boo!

(Ok, this is getting ridiculous!  You little people in my life keep having these birthdays and getting older on me. Oh, that's what's supposed to happen?!  Oh, alright then.)

Happy Birthday little sweetheart!  You are such a little dolly.  You have this awesome vocabulary and still stun me when half the things you say, I've never heard come from your mouth.  I have to say, you are a very nice girl to your Aunt Redhead.  You don't give me naughty looks (Moo!) or try to attack me with keys (Sue!), but just will give me kisses and hugs.  You will run to me, saying my name, and not the "Aunt No No" that your mom tries to get you to call me.  Nice try Mimi.  You sound ever so cute saying "I luff you", after someone tells you that they love you.

You enjoy taking a bite of an apple and then passing it to me for a bite, after which I return back to you, and back and forth.  All the while saying "Thank you" to each other.  You are an awesome eater, and all I've really seen you not care for are sweets.  You remind me of this cousin I used to watch a lot :)

Though when you do actually do something naughty, you are quite aware of it and then like to act like such a thing never occured.

Boo Boo I can't even imagine what you are going to do this year--the sky's the limit and I can't wait to see what you will acheive!  Happy Birthday my sweet baby niece :)

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