Wednesday, February 5

Banking Wishes

While trying to think of what to write for today, I went looking through uploaded pictures to use  and then build the post around it.  I came across this picture of my favorite piggy bank.  It's a star giving bank from Hallmark, that I just fell in love with and recieved as a gift.  On one side it simply says, "Wishes".  The other says "A wish for someone else is the BEST wish of all!"  I got this years ago and it was part of the "original" nursery at my house.  As it fits the "wish upon a star" theme very well, and of course fits in well now too with my star love for future kiddo.

Don't mind that adorable Little People baby photobomb :)

I love that I can fill it full of monies to pay for expenses in bringing home a little one.  Ideally it can then be used for my first to help save up for their sibling.  Or to save up for whatever wish there is for someone else! It's in the current nursery and being filled up as we speak!

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