Wednesday, February 26

Doesn’t Going to Work in Dreams Count?

Well I guess my dream last night wouldn’t have counted anyways.  You know, since I never actually made it to work.  When I’m away from work longer than the usual weekend, I tend to have dreams where I’m either extremely late to work or just never make it at all.  It seems like ordinary things, like getting my hair and make-up done takes easily an hour or two.  I’ll look at the clock and start panicking.  Need to choose one of the five outfits I wear day in and day out?  Well, there’s another hour down the drain.  Want to try to call your job to let them know you are now running majorly late, like half your shift late?  Try finding a phone, or remembering that number you know so well.  Heck, sometimes I can’t even get the numbers to dial right.  Then there’s time when I need to put in my contacts and running/rubbing saline solution on them makes them as big as Frisbees, and there’s no way that’s fitting in my eye. 

Then there will be crazy, non-ordinary things going on that keep me from getting to my job.  Like last night there was some kind of family party, but I only recognized two actual aunts and a cousin.  The rest of the crowd I saw actual faces, but had no clue who they belonged to.  Then at one point someone’s boutique was opening (just a regular morning open, not a grand opening or anything-what?!) in our house.  Though it was kind of a mish-mash of homes, family homes, friend homes, not any real house I’ve been in.  So to top it all off, I could not find my way out of said house.  I was freaking out because I had so much work to do, no one would help me get out of the house (if anything they kept slowing me down), nor could I make that important call to tell someone I’d be late.  I just kept calculating how late into the night/next morning I’d have to work to make up the hours. 

Of course when I wake up (tired from running all over in a dream) I wonder why no one from work tried to call me to see why I wasn’t there.  Whew!  I needed the day off from the exhaustion trying to get to work in my dream. 

In real life I woke up when the TV came on and was to work a little early to boot.  I got one whole building all caught up, and tomorrow I’ll have three days to work on for the other building.  Here’s hoping that can get done!

Do you have crazy dreams like that too?

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