Friday, February 28

End of the Month-February 2014

Alright, let's see how I did this month, according to the goals I made for the year.

Reading the Old Testament:  I have not done any reading yet.
For March:  to read at least 5 min/day in the Old Testament.

Getting back to Church:  Nope, I did not go in Febraury :(
For March:  to make it at least once.

Read a book a month:  Nada, again no book reading this month.  (though plenty on the internet ;) )
For March:  read a book (read at least 5 min/day)

Journaling at least once a week:  Yeah, I just wrote down my 2014 goals in the journal/book.
For March:  write once a week in the journal/book.

Finish my quilt (work on other sewing projects):  Did not do any sewing/quilting.
For March:  not a priority.

Hall Closet (scrapbooking/crafts):  You got it, a big NO.
For March:  not a priority.

Try a new recipe and food item a pay period:  I did buy some cool new fruits and then forgot about them, so that doesn't count.  You know since I didn't eat them ;(  And no new recipes.  I'm O for 7.  But that's ok, it's a work in progress and I'm going to continue working towards these goals!!!  Actually. . . .I did eat a new food item.  Those Go Picnic lunches.  They were really good and you get a lot for lunch :)  Whoo hoo for me ;)
For March:  Trying at least one new recipe and one new food item for the whole month.

Being active daily:  This one is a disappointment.  I think I did three days of 30 mins or so of activity.  NOT good enough!
For March:  Being active at least 3 days/week.

Eating less processed foods/Eating more organic, whole foods:  I would say I made a move in that direction by about 10%.
For March:  Work on making sure groceries that are bought are more whole foods than processed/prepackaged foods.  More specifically, 60% whole foods/organic foods and 40% processed/prepackaged foods.

Lose 10% of weight:  I have not weighed myself at all this month.
For March:  Lose 5 pounds, a stepping stone to the 10%.

Grow a veggie/fruit plant:  Too cold.
For March:  Start researching which plant to get and how to plant/grow it.

Circle + Bloom's mind-body program:  Yeah, I did it that one time that I wrote about.
For March:  Since it can be accomplished in a month, I will complete it this month!

Come up with a nightly ritual:  Did not.
For March: Write down what all I want to get down each night, and start to implement it.

Monthly Challenge:  I'm going to say that I accomplished this one.  Every day that I had access to the internet on my computer, I did blog.
For March:  To be honest I haven't decided what I am doing for March, but I'll let you know tomorrow :) Since blogging a day is over, I do want to continue posting at least once a week.

Staying open on how becoming a mommy:  Yeppers.
For March:  Continue ;)

Like I said about mid-way in the post, I'm just going to continue working on achieving these goals :)  Frankly I'm pretty happy with getting this far, and posting how I'm doing.  I hope any goals/resolutions/revolutions you made at the beginning of this year are sticking.

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