Monday, February 10

Farewell HIMYM and Jonathan Jacob "Jingly" Scmidt

Can you believe we are almost to the end of How I Met Your Mother?!  I have loved that show from the start, and can hardly believe that it has been nine years!  Then in the same month, March, they expect me to say good-bye to Psych too?!  Now I really hope that they pick up Supernatural for at least another year!
I can actually remember watching HIMYM at my apartment.  Then Big Bang joined the same night and I'd have Fazolis and watch my shows.  KK and I have always watched Supernatural together since the beginning.  And Psych, well I can remember watching a marathon one weekend, while playing Sims.  I can think of shows and remember what was happening during certain episodes.  Just like different songs can evoke different memories as well.

There was putting up Christmas in the apartment one year while watching the "French Twist" episode on Gilmore Girls.  (I just looked up the name of the eppy, and do you know that aired in 2006!  Yipes!)  I couldn't believe they got married!!!  Back in the apartment I had Thursday, Friday and Saturdays off and would spend Thursday cleaning it.  Thursday night would roll around and I'd be getting to the end, and getting around to vacuuming.  That would be around the time CSI: came on at night (when it was on Thursday nights.)  I would clean the living room during the show, and vacuum at commercial breaks.  I really remember watching the episode, "Built to Kill", where John Mayer was on and played "Waiting on a World to Change."  (Ugh, that was 2006 too!)

I can remember King of Queens coming to an end, watching episodes in my bedroom.  I've also learned a big lesson in how TV likes to portray adoption vs. how it really goes down.  Whether it's Doug and Carrie having no homestudy, and being called that their daughter is ready and flying the same day to get her, and will be flying back home the next day.  I'm sure there were also some people so excited to see they were pregnant as soon as they adopted (insert sarcasm here.)  Or now, with that Kay Jewelers commercial, where the parents are just handed a happy little baby.

I also can remember redoing my bedroom in the apartment, while watching Desperate Housewives, the season finale where they jump ahead five years.  Yeah, I didn't care too much for that.  What?  Big changes, you say?  Oh, yeah, I'm not one for those types of things, that's right ;)  And that five year jump in the future, well that would have been this TV season (2013-2014).  Crazy, huh.

Ok, well there are so many more shows and episodes that I could talk about, and maybe will one day.  But this is long and windy enough :)  I guess in March I can look forward to the return of Veronica Mars on the big screen (and whoo hoo for being a backer in that awesome Kickstarter!!!), while I say good-bye to Marshmallow and Lilypad, Robin and Barney, Ted and his baby mama, and Shawn and MC Clap Yo Handz :)

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