Tuesday, February 11

Happy Mind + Healthy Body

It's the name of the Circle + Bloom program I just started yesterday.  Last night to be exact.  It's to help you change your way of thinking, to  make those healthy for you habits that you try to start but just can't hold onto, and make them stick.  I personally just like listening to the beginning where you do deep breathing and then move onto loosening and relaxing your whole body.

I'll be honest and tell you I got so comfortable that I listened to the first part of what she said on how focus on what it is you want to change, want to do that's healthier for you, and think of doing it and thinking how you love doing it.  For the rest I was probably starting to go to sleep, because I was so relaxed, that I didn't realize she had quit speaking until it was just the soft music/sounds portion.  Then she told me to either go to sleep or wake myself up.  Well, since I wasn't quite in bed yet, I had to wake up.  Luckily, you play that same session over for a week.  So Hopefully I can make through the whole thing yet ;)

I'm focusing this round on eating healthier, more whole foods, more organic, more better for your body type foods.  With a side of "get moving".  Last night before I did the mind + body program, I did walk on the treadmill while watching a repeat episode of Mike & Molly.  Super slow, no incline, but I did it.  We'll see if I do any tonight as I'm super tired and have a horrid headache at the top of my nose, in between my eyes.  I don't want to push my body when it feels like this though, because I'm never sure if my "blotch/hives" will show up or not.  I'd rather not deal with them this week.

I will update you next week when I start the next track for Happy Mind + Healthy Body to see how it goes, and of course at the end if I feel it helped.  It definitely helped to relax me though, and that's one of my goals this year.  If nothing else, it's awesome for that :)

*And just in case you're wondering:  I purchased the program myself, am not affiliated with Circle + Bloom, and am not being compensated.  I just enjoyed their IUI program and wanted to try another by them for "everyday" use.*

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