Thursday, February 20

If You Can Blog It, You Can Dream It!

Guess what I had a dream about last night (early this morning?)?  Yeppers, my hair.

This past week I've had some really vivid dreams, can remember I had them, and can even remember some details of them past my initial wake up.  Here's what I remember from last night's:

Before I posted yesterday's "thread" I actually tried to pull my hair all up in a pony tail one more time.  Partly to see if it had magically grown some and I could go back to throwing it up, and parlty because I didn't want to be a liar on my own blog.  In the dream I had already posted it, and thought I better try once more to see if I could pony up.  What do you know, there was plenty of it to do so with!  I ran over to a mirror to find that my hair  was actually down to my derriere.  What?!  That grew fast!  It was a little shocking, since it hasn't been that long in FOREVER.  If that part didn't clue me into the whole fact that this was a dream, the non-existent gray hairs definintely should have ;)  I felt so bad that I had "lied" on my post.  So silly!

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