Sunday, February 23

Lazy Sunday

It's my weekend off :)  I got a lot done yesterday that I wanted to fit in. Embarrassingly Sadly Finally finishing putting away the ornaments, tinsel, and lights from the "Disney Tree" in the play room.  As well as the odd bits and pieces still left from the first initial de-decorating sweep.  I then was able to straighten up the toys as well as clean that room :)

I had to clean my Contigo so I ran a load of dishes in the dishwasher.  Using the warm sudsy water from the mug cleaning I also washed down all the surfaces in the kitchen and straightened up a little in there as well.  I caught up on watching some Debtisdum videos, and then watched baby youtube videos as well, while doing my downstairs work.

I folded  clothes in my room, and straightened up in there as well.  Last night I pinned my life away and got a post out to you all :)

I had some more cleaning planned for today, but instead it has turned into a Lazy Sunday situation.  I did take a shower and now I'm watching some Youtubes and doing my own "research" online.  It's nice and relaxing, and my body deserves it :)  Hope you all are having a lovely Sunday as well, however you are spending it.

This "Lazy Sunday"is too busy for me ;)

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