Saturday, February 1

Look at this stuff, isn't it neat?!

"Wouldn't you think my cute little blog is complete.  Wouldn't you think I'm the girl, the girl who has the sweetest blog?!"

Let me just say that I cannot believe January has already flown by!  I feel like the new year just started, but really were almost a whole month in.  I'm trying to get a handle on it and be more productive (like finish taking down Christmas decorations) so that I can get that "fresh new year" feeling.

Part of that feeling was to come up with some goals for this year, and one of them is blog more.  I want to start those "series" posts that I talked about last summer, and make the scope of this blog wider.  I mean this is part of the whole "getting to mommy" process/part of my life and it should be recorded too.  I want to be healthier, and one of those aspects is "eating less processed foods, eating more whole and organic foods."  It would be lovely for me if I could share some recipes, as well as food choices here.  Of course I wanted to add some pictures too.  You know liven up this little corner of the world.  You deserve it.  I deserve it.

One thing that I thought would brighten up the joint was a face lift.  Get all gussied up, and maybe look a smidge more professional as well.  I love looking at other's blogs who look fresh and easy to navigate.  I get a kick out of seeing watermarks on people's photos on their blogs, as well as a sweet signature at the end of each post.  I figured we all could use that here too.  Me to look at as I compile bits and pieces of my life here to share with the rest of the world, and for you to be greeted with as you join my comings and goings.

I started to look at people/companies who would do a custom look for my blog.  "Custom" though is kinda pricey--I mean $300-$600+ pricey.  Then I thought of place that I love to waste spend wonderful hours looking at one of a kind items made by all kinds of people, and "favorite" my way through with little red hearts.  I'm speaking of Etsy, of course.  I typed in "premade blogger templates" and spent a LOT of time looking through them to find just the right one.  Now "premade" means that the owner of the shop has already created a blog look, and that multiple people can have it.  They are still pretty special, and not as common as the standard ones that blogger has for you to choose from.  They are not however "custom", as in you are the only one who can/will have that certain design.  However, many of the creators/owners will do some "custom" work on them if you would like to let's say, change the color scheme.  Many also have "add-ons" that you can choose to further customize your blog's look.  Which, in my opinion, makes it pretty custom, for a fraction of the price.  I also love when you get to support someone's dream in the process.

I was so excited when I came across the Penelope Template in bellaluluink's shop!  I had really loved her OliviaGrace template, with the soft colors and those sweet clouds (I'm sure the adorable baby pic had nothing to do with it ;) ).  I also really fell for the Evie template as well, especially that heart (not to mention the same sleepy baby).  Not really sure how I missed Penelope the first time around, but I did look at other shops as well.  I came back to the OliviaGrace and saw the add-on selections were spot on for what I wanted to have done as well.  It was when I went back to decide between OliviaGrace and Evie that my eyes locked on the Penelope, and I knew it was the one!  And it's just for me, mine all mine!!!

I have really enjoyed working with the creator and owner of bellaluluink shop, Chelsea.  Seriously, if you are thinking of doing any updating, overhauls, or facelifts to your own blog, look to her shop!!!

I hope you too enjoy the new view here.  I sure think it's pretty.

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