Wednesday, February 19

Missing My Pony

I think the speed at which my hair grows has started to decelerate, or I had more hair chopped off than I thought.  It's been two months since Disney World, which means two months since I cut my hair for Locks of Love.  Which also means it's been two months since I haven't sent in the donation, but I plan on sending that around my Birthday (aka-my deadline).  And I still can't get it all to go back into a pony tail :(  Ugh!  It's my favorite go-to hair style, and I've been without it for two months now.  As you can tell a Fashionista I am not, nor do I play one on TV :)

Magic Kingdom 12/2013  Such a flattering picture ;)

Since I did not have the quick and easy option for my hair when getting ready for work, I've had to do other things.  Like use my flat iron, or maybe try and curl it.  My hair is pretty awesome though.  It's thick, naturally wavy, but will do pretty much whatever I want (read: try to do) with it and stay that way throughout the day. Plus, it's that pretty auburn color ;)  However the flat iron was leaving it too flat, but not putting gel in it leaves it to go a little to wild in the wavy style.  Lately I've just been putting some hair gel in after my shower and a quick towel dry and then letting it do it's thing. Which actually looks alright after it finishes drying and I don't look too crazy at work.  I still part it on the right side, but that has left me to discovering another change in my hair.

Gray hairs, like lots of them, like more than ever before.  And it reminds me that I've gotten away with my natural hair color for quite a long time.  The only thing I've ever had done to my hair is a hair cut.  When I get carried away I have L put in layers-ooooh scandalous ;)  I've never had any kind of color treatment, whether professional or at-home, nor other hair treatments, nary even a perm.

If I do have a biological child, I so do hope that they are blessed with my hair, and not just the color, because it's been really good to me! I truly do hope that if I do (or whoever I become a mom to), it happens before I really will need to change the blog's name to "My Gray(head) Thread."  Ugh, it will lose it's red thread coolness, and we don't want that :)


  1. What beautiful hair and such a great charity to donate to!! Someone will be do blessed to share your gift!!

    Ah, the dreaded grays! Found my first on my 25yh birthday. Ick! You've done well to joke off so long. Your new styles sound cute!

    1. Thanks Catherine!!!! I need to get over and see what you and the adorable Hannah have been up to. It's always seems like you two are having too much fun ;)
      Honestly, it seems like my head is coming into an "everybody and their mama" situation ;) I remember having a few since high school, but yipes now anybody can see them ;)


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