Sunday, February 9

Monthly Challenges

Here are some challenges that I could/can choose from for each monthly challenge.  I've linked them some blogs that have tried them to some of the challenges.  What do you think?

*Homemade food/meals each day.
*No spend month.
*No sugar for a month.
*10 min/day declutter.
*"Catch-up Month"  Write one handwritten letter a day to send in the snail mail.
*Limited Screen-Time.  Where you limit the amount of time/day you spend in front of a screen, from phone, tablet, computer, and TV.
*No Make-up.
*No 'Poo.  As in shampoo ;)
*Journal a day.
*Picture a day.
*Pay It Forward.
*Smoothie a day.
*Good Thoughts Jar.
*No eating out.
*Gluten-Free Challenge.
*Go Vegetarian for a month.
*No pop/soda.
*Scrapbook every day.
*Video Journal.

There are a ton more challenges, but this is a good starting point to choose from :)

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