Tuesday, February 18

Ode to my Contigo

Two Christmases ago (how can it be that long ago already?), in 2012 I got a Keurig.  I have to say that is an excellent gift that gets used daily.  It's now the only coffee maker in the house, so I share ;)  We use the K-Cups as well as take bagged ground coffee and fill up a My K-cup, for a variety of flavor choices.  Now if you ask my sisters I'm more of a "I'll add some coffee to my creamer."  Honestly, my cup/mug is usually about 2/3 coffee, 1/3 creamer.  I definitely need the creamer to drink coffee though.  Back when I did the military 3-day diet and you were to drink a cup of coffee, black. . .yeah, I had like two sips and said, "Not happening."

I like to take my coffee to work most mornings, but sometimes I don't get to drinking it until a good hour or two after I make it.  Which means it's cold, or luke warm at best.  When it didn't start out as a iced coffee, I'm not exactly thrilled with that temp.  The travel mug I had been taking doesn't exactly fit in the microwave back in our private kitchen at work.  So adding heat isn't really an option.  After doing my awesome Amazon research, I found the Contigo.  Once I got my federal tax return and paid things, I took twenty smack-a-roos and pulled the trigger.

I couldn't be any happier with it!  It fits under the Keurig and really isn't all that hard to clean.  I can brew my coffee, add in my creamer cold, and it's still warm as I finish it at 1030.  Mine is pretty in "Polar White", which actually reminds me of my paint color in my room, Behr's Twilight :)  Which is actually like a light gray. What is also nice is that I could turn it upside down, in my bag and leave it like that the whole way to work, without spilling a drip. Last, you can pour piping hot liquid into it, and the outside remains cool as a cucumber!
Yum, Yum!!!

*Once again, this is just my feelings/review.  I bought this myself and am not being paid :)

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