Sunday, February 9


As it is my Sunday off this week, I was going through and getting some paperwork done.  For me that was putting reciepts and bills away, as well as putting any loose papers that gather on my desk in it's own place.  It also reminded me that I had not added in the actual IUI costs in my "Costs" page/tab.

I have now corrected that, and my numbers all up-to-date.  I also went through my basket for bio baby, where I have kept all my receipts from the RE's office and the little pamphlets you are given with your medications.  I took that information and entered that into a nice little spreadsheet for myself, as well as wrote it down in my "Planning" notebook to get a gist of costs that would come up if I continue trying IUIs.
Should I go that way first I would definitely need to determine a set number of times I would be willing to try IUI before moving on to adoption.  In this frame of mind I would not move onto IVF.  That is mostly because I'm ready to become a mom through adoption just as much as through pregnancy, but I would like to give IUIs another chance as well.

Since it will have been awhile since my last IUI (6/13) though, I'm not sure how I would be treated.  When I say treated, I mean would I have to start all over with everything from the original bloodwork, another Sono, as well as Plan of Care visit.  Or would I just go right back into it as if I had just had an IUI the month before.  You know go and pick my donor and then my next cycle start the IUI process again.
I wrote down all the numbers and came up with some rough estimates for a few tries and the ranges of costs I could see.

I also have to face the fact that for the first time since I've had paid for my own health insurance, I did not choose the "best" plan.  However, when I was choosing and did not really plan to do any IUI/RE stuff and I don't have any major medical issues, the plan I chose is good for that.  Oh well, it will be bridge to cross when I get there.  I did look into seeing how much they would pay for should I start the process again, and of course this year it looks a bit harder to get procedures covered under the plan my company currently has.  And that is with either plan.  It appears they want you to have so many months that you have tried, without success, to get pregnant.  I don't recall that stipulation last year.  If that's the case, then none of these tries would be covered, and it would all be out of pocket expenses anyway.  Which means for a few tries it could possibly be from $7,000-$10,000.  Yipes!  I really feel for those who have tried so many times, with injectibles, and even IVF.  Then again, a child is priceless!

It seems like even maternity care (prenatal visits through delivery) costs went up.  It seemed when I looked into it last year, most everything was covered, with the exception of the co-pay for the first visit.  Again, this is/was for either plan through my company.  Now it looks like it will be about 3500-5000 dollars for prenatal through delivery.  I even went ahead, based off of this years prices, and figured out the rise in cost to cover me + child under the "best" health insurance, to add to the monthly budget to see if I can squeak by.  From where I'm at now (so the rise in cost would include me going from "silver" to "gold" as well) it would be a rise of $280.00 every two checks/month.

I'm not writing this post to complain about costs.  Just kind of to show you what I'd be working towards financially before even trying, as well as having costs for those who happen to stop by here in search of how much these procedures may cost them.  I always find it nice to have a little something planned/mapped out, even if it does get thrown out the window later ;)  It helps me to "clean" out my mind, knowing that I have figured out something, and it's more concrete than just an guesstimated idea floating around in my head.
I hope that you were able to enjoy the weekend, and do something beneficial for yourself as well.  (I mean I did do laundry, grocery shopping, and clean the bathroom as well ;) )  Chat with you tomorrow!!

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