Monday, February 24


Today I spent the day with Moo and Boo, while Sue was in school.  It was quite a full day, even if they were a bit under the weather.  There was snuggling on the couch while we watched Disney movies.  There was a dance party as I flipped through the music stations on cable.  They danced to whatever came on, but Moo had me leave it on JT’s “Mirrors” until the song finished.  There was wearing of Princess dresses, and more dancing when a certain step-sister/daughter/maid went to a royal ball.  There was reading of both girls book selections, as I tried to turn pages and keep my arms around both of them at the same time.  

There was a small bit of sniffing the tops of their heads as I hugged them close, that whiff of baby still there.  There may have been a small bit of tattling and hurt feelings, but nothing crazy for 2 and 3 year old sisters.  I may have been enjoying the time spent with them a bit too much and didn’t put them down for nap time when I thought I should/would.  By the time they went down I had less than 40 minutes before I had to leave to pick up Sue from school. 

Sue got to tell me that she had to tell her teacher a few times that it was her Aunt picking her up, since her teacher kept asking if it was grandma.  We took off for Super Target so I could buy some quick lunches for the week (soup, dried fruit and larabars.)  I also picked up some Boogie Wipes, since I’ve heard good things about them on the interwebs, for the girls runny noses.  While we waited in line to check out, Sue showed me her counting skills.  Counted to 100….what?!  Then showed me how to count by tens using your fingers J 

Then we went home and they all colored in new My Little Pony coloring books I had grabbed for them at my last Super Target run.   Ah, how the dollar spot can you make you feel like a million bucks when you hand out your finds to the girlies.  Then they all donned on princess dresses and played kitty and human.  Cause that’s what fancy princess dresses are for ;) 

I feel quite lucky to get to be their aunt and have the opportunity to spend time with my precious nieces.

What an awesome day (and if I do get sick, I’m blaming it on the co-worker!)

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