Monday, February 3


When I was going through my posts and making sure there wasn't anything overly personal in them that needed editing before bringing it back up, as well as changing some nick names, I noticed something.  I must love the word "so".  I used it so much!   It must be like saying "um" in a speech ;)

I think I spent the most time trying to reword my "so"s.  So as not to overwhelm anyone reading those posts for the first time.  It got to me so much that I have made it a goal this year, for this blog.  To cut down on the amount of times I use the word "so".

For those (yep, I was about to start this sentence with a "So, for those. . .) of you who cringed seeing the over abundance of that word in my posts, hopefully it will be on the decline.

("So" count: 7)

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