Saturday, February 8

This Concludes Grocery Haul I

This is continued from the previous Grocery Haul post and is from two weeks ago.  We'll continue with my buys from Whole Foods.

Total Cost for Whole Foods comes to $117.02

Our last stop that day was Super Target.  Here is all I bought on 1/25/14:

The Grand Total here came to $52.22.

Which means that I spent $258.75, which was just crazy nuts.  That is more than I budget for two paychecks (or a month).  There is also a lot here that I have not ate yet, some produce did get tossed since I didn't use it fast enough, and there is also some more "bulk" type items and spices that are meant to last longer than one pay period.  The Zevia pop cans in each picture are representative of the 6-pack they are part of.  There was also some mascara and measuring spoons thrown in for good measure :)  I tried to buy as much of the produce as organic as possible.  I am going to make sure that going forward I really try and abide by the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen for future produce purchases.

Don't worry I'm back to my food budget!  KK and I went to Trader Joe's and Whole Foods today.  At TJ's I spent $40.47, and over at WF's it was only $9.90.  Add that up for a total of $50.37 and leaving $69.63 for basically our trip out next week.  I plan on oatmeal/steel cut oats for breakfast, salads-in-a-jar for lunches, green smoothies for afternoon snack, stir fry with jasmine rice/quinoa for dinners, and popcorn for snack.

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