Wednesday, February 12

White Noise and The Mist

No, I'm not talking about a double horror screening.  One in which a man tries to communicate with his wife that has passed away, the latter where a town is taken over by a mysterious, and scary, storm and creatures that are hidden inside.

Nope, I'm talking about machines I use nightly in my bedroom.  My white noise machine, which I wish I had back in the apartment, really helps to drown out sounds to provide a good night's sleep.  After looking and researching, I chose this model from in August, 2012.  It is awesome.  It does a great job of blocking out a lot of sounds when I go to sleep.  Like if everyone else is downstairs, in the room beneath mine, I can only hear if someone talks low and loud, or usually sound effects from a movie (and that's probably more feeling it than hearing it.)  I totally get how it would help a baby or little kid to get some zzzz's.  Besides being remindful (yeah, pretty sure that's not a word ;) ) of the womb, it blocks out those little everyday noises that can make you jolt in your sleep.  Mom and I even took it during our trip to Walt Disney World in December, and ran it at night.  If anyone was making noises outside, it must not have bothered me, because that did not cause me to wake up.  I originally looked at them for a nursery item, but after reading how it sounded like a fan, but without the cold, I had to give it a whirl.  I'm glad I did!  I guess baby/child will have to get their own once they move to their room.

My other machine was a purchase within the past month, from Target.  I kept looking over three different models there, and I think I had them confused at one point, because I was a little disappointed that this one did have a filter.  I decided to like it enough to keep it and give it a chance.  The Vornado is a cool mist humidifier, that has been another nice addition to the bedroom.  It helps pump moisture into the air that is dried out from having the heater on.  I no longer wake up with a bloody nose and dry throat.  Well I did once, because I forgot to fill it up again before bed, and it does not turn off once it runs out of water.  So there's two things I didn't care for, but still not enough to deem it not worth the expense.  I'd really like to get the cute owl one for the nursery one day.

Photo from

One more thing I'd like to add to that combo is an air filter.  Especially in the nursery.  Doing some preliminary research it looks like "Baby's Breath" from Austin Air is the premiere one to get.  (And on a side note, I do not like the flower, Baby's Breath.  I think it smells horrid, though no one else seems to think it has a smell.  Do you?)  Yeah, that's a pretty hefty price tag, but goes on the dream list anyways.

Crazy the kinds of toxins that babies are born with already in their systems.  Ones that have been banned for decades, but still seep into our lives.

Anyways all that to say that the white noise machine and humidifier have been a welcome addition to my slumber, and hopefully to a nursery one day as well :)

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