Friday, March 28

Grocery Haul Deuce

On March 22 I ran to Target with Mimi, and made sure that I grabbed some Larabars.  Their boxes were on sale, and if you bought 4 boxes you got another box for free.  Now I had grabbed some single bars on clearance a month or so ago from Target, and they were .88.  The boxes were on sale for $5 each, and contain 5 bars each.  So in total I got 25 bars for $20.  Which equals .80 a bar--even better than the bars on clearance :)  Great buy for some pretty great bars--nuts and fruit!

Then on Monday, 3/24, I went to Whole Foods with mom, Moo and Boo Boo.  Here's what I got:

 In this picture we have:
GT's Kombucha Trilogy 16 oz...$3.69
GT's Kombucha Guava 16 oz. . $3.69
GT's Kombucha Gingerberry 16 oz. . .$3.69
GT's Kombucha Passionberry Bliss 16 oz. . .$3.69
(now for these, I'm drinking half a bottle a day.  i realllllly like the guava!  and i'm drinking the passionberry right now, so delicious.  i'll try to get in a post about kombucha here soon :))
Greek Tortellini 6 oz.. . .$3.00  (Moo, Boo Boo and I enjoyed this as part of lunch)
Chicken Burrito. . .$7.00  (Boo Boo enjoyed sharing a few bites of Auntie's half for this lunch.  I had the other half the next day :))
Sesame Noodles 6 oz. . . .$3.00  (That was delicious and had that for dinner that night.)
Turkey Snackables 6 oz.. . . $4.99  (The girls shared this for lunch, as well as what they shared with me ;) )
365 Frozen Organic Wild Blueberries. . .$3.99 (for the Blueberry Chia Pudding, I haven't made yet. . .but pinned :))

Here's the rest, but I'll go ahead and break it down into smaller chunks ;)

360 Organic Dark Chocolate Almonds. . .$2.69 (yep, impulse buy at the checkout. . .shhhhh!)
Raspberry Smoothie 10 oz. . . .$1.99  (Moo really wanted this, so the girls split it for lunch)
Bulk Organic Shredded Coconut  .22 lb@7.99/lb. . .$1.76 (for that Chia pudding.)
Carlson Fish Oil. . .$24.99
Organic Lemons 2 lbs. . .$4.99 (for my lemon water in morning/coffee replacement/hoping for a post for that too)
Vital Farms Pasture-Raised Organic 12 Large Eggs. . .$7.99 (yes, that price is right)  (i have two hard boiled eggs for breakfast. after my lemon water.)

Bulk Organic Cashews .75lb @ 10.99/lb. . .$8.24 (again for that chia pudding.  phew good things these things last longer than one week ;))
Frontier Natural Products Organic Garlic Flakes. . .$8.99 (Quinoa Recipe.  did make this one, and pinned!)
Navitas Acai Powder 4 oz. . . .$22.99 (super food for smoothies) (and now i know to get at amazon)

Organic Red Bell Pepper 1.53 lb@ 4.99/lb. . . .$7.63 (this was for 5 peppers, for that quinoa recipe.  and crazy me thought it was originally 4.99 a pepper!!!)
Organic Red Onion .53 lb @ 4.99/lb. . . .$1.05 (for that quinoa recipe)
365 Frozen Organic Wild Blueberries. . .$3.99 (second bag)
2 Peanut Butter and Jelly Lara Bars. . .$2.58 (for Moo and Boo Boo's snack)
Pumpkin Pie Lara Bar. . .$1.29  (for Sue's snack)

I also donated $1.00 at check out.  My total came to *cough, cough* $143.98.

I made a huge batch of the Quinoa with Caramelized Red Onions, Bell Pepper and Garlic.  Though I made it with some Kerrygold Irish butter, instead of the olive oil.  Then I served up this on Wednesday night, along with some frozen asparagus I had gotten from Trader Joe's previously.
I'm still working on the Ranch Dressing addiction ;)  Ok, so this was yummers for dinner.  HOWEVER, I fear it was far too much fiber/veggies in one meal when one hasn't ate like this in awhile.  It was NOT a good night.  My intestines were a hurtin', and we'll just say I lost a few pounds that night. 

And on that night. . .have a wonderful weekend :)

Friday, March 14

Be Cool, Soda Pop 

I just watched Veronica Mars The Movie with mom and KK.   This girl is one very happy Marshmallow.  And I won't lie, pretty happy to have been a backer of the movie.  I wore my Kickstarter Veronica Mars' "She's Back" t-shirt as we watched the season 3 finale, before getting to the main event.

I won't do any spoilers, but I have to say that the guy at the club trying really hard to get Veronica's attention was pretty funny.  If you do see the movie make sure you stay til close to the end at least, to see another clip and hear a voice mail greeting.

Now I need to go and try to find words that rhyme with "orange." ;)

Thursday, March 6

Thankful Birthday

I woke up for a middle of the night bathroom break, and thought “today’s my birthday.”  I followed that thought with a thank you to the Lord for letting me get to thirty five.  I have plenty to be thankful for, though I can take them for granted more than I should. 

I have all the “basic” necessities that to so many in this world view as luxuries.  I have food, shelter and clothing.  And more than I need in those categories.  I was privileged with an education from Kindergarten all the way to graduation from high school.  I put myself through college and earned a bachelor’s degree.  I was able to buy a car and a house without a co-signer.  I still have that awesome car, and have not had to make a monthly payment since I paid it off six and a half years ago. 

I had a childhood rich in experiences, friends and most of all family.  I grew up loving the holidays and special occasions, because I got to hang out with extended family.  My friendships and a majority of my teachers made school a place I wanted to go to most days.  (Well, every once in a while you want a break ;))  I met a lot of kids as I babysit through Jr. and Sr. high, and most of them confirmed my want to be a parent.  (Especially this one awesome little girl!)  I have worked for the same company now for 15, working on my 16, years.  I have made many friends (one, very close), and paradigm shifting realizations/decisions, through my different positions there.  I have a sweet puppy dog who, for the most part, is such a good girl.  I have had the wonderful title of “Godmother” bestowed on me for two precious Goddaughters.  I have been blessed to be an aunt three times over, and even better than that am in their lives. . .a lot! 

Most thankful I am for my family.  Especially mom, dad, Mimi, KK, E-Bob, Sue, Moo and Boo.  It’s no wonder that I want one of my own J