Thursday, March 6

Thankful Birthday

I woke up for a middle of the night bathroom break, and thought “today’s my birthday.”  I followed that thought with a thank you to the Lord for letting me get to thirty five.  I have plenty to be thankful for, though I can take them for granted more than I should. 

I have all the “basic” necessities that to so many in this world view as luxuries.  I have food, shelter and clothing.  And more than I need in those categories.  I was privileged with an education from Kindergarten all the way to graduation from high school.  I put myself through college and earned a bachelor’s degree.  I was able to buy a car and a house without a co-signer.  I still have that awesome car, and have not had to make a monthly payment since I paid it off six and a half years ago. 

I had a childhood rich in experiences, friends and most of all family.  I grew up loving the holidays and special occasions, because I got to hang out with extended family.  My friendships and a majority of my teachers made school a place I wanted to go to most days.  (Well, every once in a while you want a break ;))  I met a lot of kids as I babysit through Jr. and Sr. high, and most of them confirmed my want to be a parent.  (Especially this one awesome little girl!)  I have worked for the same company now for 15, working on my 16, years.  I have made many friends (one, very close), and paradigm shifting realizations/decisions, through my different positions there.  I have a sweet puppy dog who, for the most part, is such a good girl.  I have had the wonderful title of “Godmother” bestowed on me for two precious Goddaughters.  I have been blessed to be an aunt three times over, and even better than that am in their lives. . .a lot! 

Most thankful I am for my family.  Especially mom, dad, Mimi, KK, E-Bob, Sue, Moo and Boo.  It’s no wonder that I want one of my own J

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