Thursday, April 3

End of the Month-March 2014

Another page has flown off the calendar.  Alright, more like another page of the calendar has been flipped up to reveal April.  (Well, guess not.  Looking at my wall calendar now shows March still.  Ok, there we go, it's officially April in the Redhead's room.)  Let's see how the month of March went, goal wise.

Reading the Old Testament:  Uhhhhhhhhh.  Nopers.

For  April:  Actually I am making it my month of April goal.  To read my bible for at least 10 minutes a day :)

Getting back to Church: I could give you excuses, but I wouldn't do that in front of Him, so I won't with you.  I did not go once in March.

For  April:  To get thineself to one service this month!

Read a book a month: I did.  I read Making Babies, by Sami S. David MD and Jill Blakeway LAc.  I learned that my feritlity type is Stuck and Tired.  That sounds right ;)  It was an interesting read, and I actually learned new info from it.  I even learned that if I take Vitex I can lower my Prolactin level naturally!

For  April:  I think this next book is going to be one of the books I received for Christmas :)

Journaling at least once a week:  Not once did I.

For  April:  To write one sentence a day.  (hopefully I don't have to go to "write one word a day" for may!)

Finish my quilt (work on other sewing projects): It wasn't a priority so I did not.

For  April:  Sew at least ten squares.

Hall Closet (scrapbooking/crafts):  Not a priority.

For  April:  Not a priority.

Try a new recipe and food item a pay period: Let's see I tried Kombucha, and liked some didn't like others.  Will continue drinking them for now.  I made and really liked the QUINOA WITH CARAMELZIED RED ONION, BELL PEPPERS AND GARLIC.  I would make it again.  Just not serve with tons of veggies on the side ;)
Well, I've never had protein powder before, and I used that for that yucky lovely smoothie.  I just couldn't do it anymore.  I'm trying to continue using that powder, cause it was so dang expensive, as well as the other superfoods, in my normal green smoothies.

For  April:  Again try one more new recipe and food item for the month.

Being active daily: Nopers.

For  April:  I think I may need to do a daily challenge that starts when the current "no buy fast food/no drink coffee and pop" challenge ends.  And ease into it with yoga and/or walking on the treadmill.  We'll see.

Eating less processed foods/Eating more organic, whole foods:  I would say, oh yes!  All my fruits and veggies I bought in March we're organic (as far as I can remember).  Still need to move more to the whole foods, and less processed.  But I'm working on it :)

For  April:  I want to work towards more recipes/made from scratch/home made/whole foods than pre packaged and processed foods.  We shall see!

Lose 10% of weight:  Yes, I obtained those 5 pounds :)

For  April:  Maintain the 5 pounds and work on 5 more!

Grow a veggie/fruit plant: Too cold!

For  April:  Not quite yet.

Circle + Bloom's mind-body program:  Another fail!

For  April:  Not a priority, unless I'm feeling it.

Come up with a nightly ritual:  It's not written down and it's not in practice, but I've got one floating around in that space between my ears.

For  April:  I'll be happy if I've got it all implemented (not even like it's some complex routine, but little bits at a time of goals at a time) by July.

Monthly Challenge:  I didn't have one for the month of March, but the middle of the month one I started has gone well so far.  I have bought no fast food, and I have drank neither pop nor coffee.  I have to say the easiest (execpt for today for some reason) has been pop.  It probably helps that half the people that live here can't have pop and the other one really doesn't drink pop.  I do miss the sound of the tab breaking into the can, and the bubbles from the first sip.  Otherwise, honestly for the most part the Kombucha has helped.  Fast food is nice to be able to pick up for days I want something my tastebuds think will taste good and I don't want to do anything, but it hasn't been too horrid, and probably much healthier.  Coffee, oh how I miss you most of all.  Just like a dessert.  The smell when dad makes his, or a co-worker walks past my cube and into hers next me.  The smell is maddening sometimes.  Then I think I could have made the challenge--no coffee creamer, and the results would have been the same ;)

For  April:  Read my bible at least ten minutes a day.

Staying open on how becoming a mommy:  Yes I am.  Whether I'm pinning things for a bio baby, or finding new china adoption blogs to devour :)

For  April:  Keep on, keepin' on!

I'll try to have April's at the end of the month, or May Day.  Here's to working on goals and commitments!

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