Saturday, April 26

God Moment

This one was with mom on Thursday night.  We were talking in her bedroom as she was folding laundry, and Elementary was on TV as background noise.

We talked about the "timeline" again, about how long it would be before I could begin the adoption process. Two years.  Mom asked, "Not to say this will happen or that I would ever want it to happen, but what if China decides to shut down adoptions to the US in that time?"

I responded saying that, "God has put this on my heart.  I have to trust Him.  I have had the same thought too.  I have to. . ."

And at that very moment the Sherlock character on Elementary finishes my sentence with, ". . .trust in God."
I had stopped talking.  Looked at mom and asked if she had heard the same thing.

She did.  "Well that was weird," she says.  I tell her that now we know we just have to trust Him.  I mean who else could have orchestrated that perfect timing?

Cool, huh?!

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