Tuesday, April 22

What I've Been Wearing

It's been a bit of time since I've really wore jewelry.  Since my fingers have gone from slender to sausage-ish, my nice rings I've gotten through the years no longer fit.  I  haven't really wore earrings in, oh probably a decade.  To be honest I'm not sure I could poke through the holes anymore.  Necklaces I wear on a rare occasion.  Once again my neck grew along with the fingers and those delicate shorter chains look more like a choker than a dainty piece to be displayed on my decolletage.  I do have some bracelets that I purchased when Friend first started as a stylist with Stella and Dot.  I figured bracelets were a "wear at any size" kind of jewelry.  On me though I find if I go chunky the little indention of a wrist I have that shows separation between my hands and arm, disappears.  Thinner bracelets almost look sad on that larger wrist.  Of course I say these things because it's my body, and how I perceive things.
I know that when I'm finally ready, whether it be when I start the adoption process or not until I'm actually matched, I want to be sporting a cute necklace.  Most likely purchased from Etsy, and similar to these styles:

These are only a few in a sea of gorgeous necklaces to choose from.  I know it will be hard to decide on once the time finally arrives :)

I wanted something for now though.  Something to get me through until I'm at the "necklace stage."  Something that would probably look like just another piece of pretty jewelry, but has meaning to me.  I looked back at my jewelry I have.  I found the two found bracelets I had purchased from Friend at another time, and knew there was another bracelet I would need to get but these would satisfy that need I had.

The one I'm wearing right now (though, not wearing jewelry in a long time I actually forgot to slip on Easter--urgh!) is the "Light Bracelet."

It's tagline is, "Sparkle from the light within."  I love it because it's pretty little stones, almost like dirty diamonds, do sparkle.  It (and all the "friendship ties" bracelets) adjust in the back, so it can fit any size wrist with room to spare.  I will need to look to the Light of the World, as I make my way through this wait time filled with paying off my debt.

Once debt is done and I move onto the adoption world, I will need courage.  Here is where the other bracelet I have will come into play.  I will either add or switch to this one once I start the adoption process.

This one reads, "From caring comes strength."  And I will be looking for Him to give me the strength and courage at this time in my journey to G.

Once G and I are matched, I will add in the Love Bracelet.  This one I need to buy still.  With the "red thread" I'm sure you can see why I would choose it for this special time.

I went to the website to see if this one was still available, and found one more sweet "Friendship Ties" bracelet as well.  I thought it would work perfectly once I'm in China and with Her.  It has little pearls on it, which China is known for, as well as rest of the bracelet looking much the same as my Light one.  It would be a nice bookend, especially if I wore all four bracelets together.  The best part, it's called the Wisdom Bracelet.  I know I will be needing all the wisdom I can get once I'm actually parenting my little girl, and just trying to help her transition at first.

It's fun to have something pretty on, that also serves a special purpose of being a reminder of what is happening in my life right now. 

Do you wear any "ordinary" jewelry that you have assigned an extraordinary meaning to?  

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