Wednesday, May 28

Where Feet May Fail

I am LOVING this song.  It's so pretty.  Easy to sing with.  I connect with it, especially now.  LOVE it!

Hillsong United, Oceans

                                                    "Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)"
You call me out upon the waters
The great unknown where feet may fail
And there I find You in the mystery
In oceans deep
My faith will stand

And I will call upon Your name
And keep my eyes above the waves
When oceans rise
My soul will rest in Your embrace
For I am Yours
 You are mine

Your grace abounds in deepest waters
Your sovereign hand
Will be my guide
Where feet may fail and fear surrounds me
You've never failed and You won't start now

So I will call upon Your name
And keep my eyes above the waves
When oceans rise
My soul will rest in Your embrace
For I am Yours and You are mine

Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders
Let me walk upon the waters
Wherever You would call me
Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander
And my faith will be made stronger
In the presence of my Savior
(repeats six times)

I will call upon Your name
Keep my eyes above the waves
My soul will rest in Your embrace
I am Yours and You are mine

Thursday, May 22

Happy 6th Birthday Sue!

Gulp!  Six. . .I remember turning six.  I remember getting a Cabbage Patch brush, comb mirror set on my actual Birthday.  I remember getting a smaller CP mirror from Mimi.  I remember my birthday party, where all the girls in my kindergarten class could make it to the party.  I remember the hand drawn and colored posters/pictures my daddy made to decorate.  I remember my mommy running the games.  I remember not making to the end in musical chairs, and may or may have not cried on the stairs over it.

I wonder how much of what happens now you'll remember when you're my age (let's not even discuss what my age will be.)  How much of what has already happened in your life you'll laugh over later with your sisters, or tell your niece about.  I hope that I never forget how sweet, silly, fun and innocent you are right now at this age.

Christmas 2013*Decorating Aunt RH's Tree

Let's start with just how loving you are!  Oh sure, like the rest of us you have your moments when that's not exactly a top priority.  You are always more than willing to give a hug, a kiss, an "I love you!" to family who asks for or looks like they need it.  I've got to witness, let alone hear about, you saying good-bye and an eager wave to your friends and classmates as you leave school for the day.

School, what's up with that?!  Your last day of Kindergarten is also your Birthday!  You'll get to experience your first summer through the eyes of a school kid.  Right now you can't even fathom the amount of days you're about to have off.  It will be a great blessing to you to get to spend some quality time reconnecting to your sisters, mommy and papa.  Even aunties may have some time off during the week to hang out with you.

You have also become more of your own person this year.  Needing some time to yourself.  Between school all day and sisters pouncing on you when you get home because they miss their big sister big time, it can be a lot for a little girl.  But trust me, you will not regret spending as much time as you can playing with your sisters.

You are still fond of kittens and names like--glitter silvery sparkles, but have also really loved the name "Pearl" this year too.  Much like Moo, you are also a Princess lover.  Well it's actually probably the other way around--because you are the lover of princesses, Moo is too.  Whether it's Ariel, Sleeping Beauty or Elsa (well, I guess technically she's a queen . . .) you love watching their movies and dressing up like them.

You sang Let It Go on Meika's Birthday with just the instrumental back ground, and little girlie you can sing.  And that's not me being a biased aunt.  I was really impressed with your skills :)  Grandma's mom and dad would have loved to have put you on stage with them while they played guitars :)

We had so much fun together on your Birthday.  I took half a day vacation for you too.  After Grandma and Grandpa picked you up for school, we headed to Super Target.  Well after having to gas up the car and making silly faces at each other while I did so.  After making the hard decision of what to get, you decided on a Cinderella dress.  You can't fit into the only other Cinderella dress at your house, so you chose that one to get.  It matched the fingernail polish I had just bought on Moo's b-day to a "t".  I was just glad to get out of the toy aisle without a bouncing ball mishap by one of the crazy high schoolers that were chucking them over aisles and climbing into where the balls are kept.

All you wanted for your lunch out was a Lunchable.   You choose the one with the chocolate pudding.  KK was sick that day and not at Starbucks, so we skipped that.  Not like you knew that was even an option though :)

I grabbed some Arby's and got you an orange shake.  You asked where mine was, and when I said I only got you one, I could tell you were excited but perhaps a little sad that I wouldn't have one for myself?  Then we headed to find a park, because that's where you really wanted to eat.  I'll be honest, and say that I was worried they were going to be overrun with kiddos since school had just let out.  The one I took us too though--not one kid!  There were some guys playing frisbee, but no where near the playground equipment.  You decided that we would eat a little then play, then eat and play, then eat and play.  We were there for like two hours and it was so much fun.

At one point I told you that I couldn't believe you were six already.  To which you replied, "And I can't believe you are. . .(whispers) how old are you?"  35.  "And I can't believe you are 35 already Aunt Red Head!"  LOL little girl, you are too much, but very sincere.  I know I was having a great time because I remember thinking that I hope I can spend a birthday with Grace just like this one day.  Or know an aunt of her's is having this same fun with their niece.  It was such a special day.

Mommy even got to stop by after school for a few minutes before running off to the store for some last minute things for your party.  We left shortly after.  You mentioned how you hoped that some people were hiding and would jump out and shout "Happy Birthday!", because that's what happens on your Birthday when you've left the house for awhile.  So I had to call Grandma real quick and she got Grandpa and Moo to do just that for you.

We then showed Moo your dress and painted your nails.  Your's dried while I touched up Moo's.  Mommy was by soon after to whisk you home.

Your family party was at night and was "Frozen" themed.  You had some yummy Nothing Bundt Cakes.  You ate yours soooo fast so you could play with your new Disney Princess Barbie Dolls Grandma and Grandpa got you.  Running around outside playing and putting on a unicorn tattoo was your night.

Happy Birthday to the newest First Grader :)

Tuesday, May 20

Happy 4th Birthday Moo!

It's that time again.  The special time of year when I get to celebrate the arrival of my Goddaughter #2, my second precious niece.  Another year blessed of her life and presence in mine.  What a wonderful little girl she is.

Halloween 2013--Princess Snow White

You are looking more and more like your mommy.  About a month ago I had Sue look at a family picture, back from when it was just me, mommy, grandpa and grandma.  Back before KK.  Sue wasn't sure who each person was.  I was pegged as grandma (another look-a-like ;) ), and she could't quite place the other three.  However she did say she didn't know what that girl (mommy) was, but she sure looked a lot like Moo.

You still will tell me that you are not "tiny" when I use it as a nickname for you.  That you are growing big and strong.  You know, so you can ride more rides at WDW with Sue :)  I'm often reminded that, "Though she may be small, she is fierce." (Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.)  You still love with quite an intensity.  You will put your all into giving kisses and hugs.  You will give up a toy to keep a sister (older or younger) from sprouting tears.  You get upset (and understandably so) when a sister (again, younger or older) isn't quite into playing with you at the moment.

You have one of those hollow legs that KK, your mom and I had once-upon-a-time.  Your tummy is always wanting something to eat.  Though sometimes it seems to only want something sweet ;)  Good thing there's always some piece of fruit to snack on ;)  For whatever reason, you're not a big "dinner" kind of girl.

You, like most little girls around here, this country, maybe the world?, are in love with Frozen.  Well, being a princess period.  You adore wearing dresses (hmmm. . .my middle sister was all about the dresses too. . .), making "princess" faces, and dancing.  It's a hoot to get to watch you sing along with Elsa and act out the scene while singing Let It Go.

Recently whenever I'm with you, you like to remind me that I'm your Godmother.  :)  Whenever I try to call you my Goddaughter you just laugh at me.  Silly aunt.

For your Birthday I took half a day off and took you out to lunch and shopping.  You enjoyed eating, and being silly, at Culver's.  I think the lady at the counter taking the order thought I had made you rehearse saying that you wanted applesauce instead of french fries.  That choice was totally yours though.  You slurped (literally) that down and then asked me for more.  You also had a grilled cheese and some chocolate milk.  You didn't know any better, so we skipped the scoop of custard.  I had another treat in store and didn't want to sugar you up too much before your Birthday cake.

Then we hit Super Target.  You made out with a Sleeping Beauty/Aurora/Briar Rose dress (so Bella can wear hers and you can be twins).  KK was being a barista over at the Starbucks inside the store so she made you a Cotton Candy drink.  You loved that pink drink.  Though it was a small it looked so big next to you.  We grabbed some dark blue with sparkles fingernail polish on our way out.

We had to run to Hobby Lobby real quick so Auntie could choose some stickers/embellishments to finish her gift to you.  A photo album/scrapbook of you from birth to right before you turned one.  Then we came back and you "rested" in my bed while I finished the book and wrapped it up.  We soon headed off to your house since Mommy and Sue would be home from school and you wanted to show your freshly painted nails and new dress.

Mommy and Papa had a fun "Frozen" Birthday Party for you, complete with the two sisters on a cake just for you.  Well, okay, you had to share the eating part ;)

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!!  But remember our deal--no turning 5!!!

Monday, May 12

End of the Month-April 2014

Oops!  A little late, but I wanted to make sure I got this up.  If just for me :)  Let's see how the month of April went, goal wise.

Reading the Old Testament:  As you may remember, it was my goal in April to read the Bible at last 10 minutes a day.  I will be honest with you.  There were a few days intspersed throughout the month in which I didn't crack open the Good Book.  However, I did make up the time I missed out on during the next reading.  So while I did not read every day, I did ensure I read at least (I didn't keep track past the ten minute mark) 300 minutes of the Bible in April.  Which is a nice 5 hour chunk.  Sounds like a lot if I were to do it at once, but really wasn't hard/bad at all when I was doing the smaller bites.

Now I'll tell you I really enjoyed reading from the Bible those lessons I learned (and eventually taught) in Sunday School, Midweek, and VBS.  Though I don't enjoy when there's like a page that lists this person was this other person's father, and then they had these two kids with this woman, and the other woman had this son.  That part I just let Him know I'm not going to read it, skim it, but not read it.

I made it to Exodus 19:11.  I'm not sure that I will be able to make it through the Old Testament before the year ends, but I am glad that I'm doing it the way I am for myself and enjoying it :)

For  May: To finish the book of Exodus.

Getting back to Church:   Nope.

For  May:  Come on woman!

Read a book a month: I bought the book from her website.  The night I got it, I read it. It was a pretty quick read.  Probably helps if you're hungry for the information as well :)  What is it? Why it's Julie Gumm's Adopt Without Debt .  Holy Buckets!  I just checked her site, and the book is out of print.  There are no more books to be sold.  The link I have is for Amazon, where you can get it used for like 100+ dollars.  (Well there's one way to help fund your adoption that wasn't in her book ;) )I guess I got one of the last ones from her inventory.  She even signed mine :)

Julie talks about how her family had gotten out of debt.  Then they were called to adopt.  She was willing to go into debt for adoption.  After all, is there a better reason?  Then they were reminded that God doesn't like debt, so why would He put you in it for something that He called you to?  She gives examples of things either her family or other families had done in order to complete an (international) adoption (or two) without also adding (more) debt to the family.

There are things that you could do in your own life to tighten the purse strings even more and add that saved money to pay for fees associated with adopting.  There are grants out there that can be applied for, some even matching grants.  And of course the fundraisers, from a paypal button on your blog to a Karaoke night, and so many more ideas in between.

*On a side-note.  I've been reading blogs and adoption sites for long enough now to know that there are varied responses to a family fundraising to pay the fees for adoption.  For some people, it's a way to help an orphan.  Not everyone is called to adopt, but everyone is called to care for them (James 1:27.)  From a simple prayer, to financial support-either of an adopting family or a non-profit that aides in the care of oprhans, to foster care/adoption.  Other people view it as if you want to raise this child and bring them into your family than you should be able to afford the costs.  Otherwise you shouldn't parent.  I can get this.  However, some families are able to take care of their children on daily basis, they just don't have 35,000 dollars hanging out to afford the costs of adoption that come due in a relatively short time.

I did read a blog recently (I've really been binge-reading china adoption blogs, so I can't recall which one) where the mom talked about how she felt about fundraising.  What the whole thing boiled down to (since I've gone on waaaaaaaaaaay long here) was that you don't have to shove it down people's throats, but you should allow people the chance to donate to you/your child/the adoption, especially if it is the way that they want to help the orphan, and/or show you and your future child their support and love.
Side-note over*

For  May:  I will (finish) reading Kisses from Katie.

Journaling at least once a week:  Not every day, but most days.

For  May:  To write one sentence a day. If I don't blog that day, then I want to have something journaled.  Just think one day I'll find out some important dates for my precious little girl.  I would like to be able to go back and see what I was doing/thinking that very day in my life. (I've seen some bloggers be able to do this very thing, and think it's so cool.)

Finish my quilt (work on other sewing projects): I did not get any done.  And I'm fine with that.

For  May:  Since I'm working on a birthday project for my youngest Goddaughter, I'm not committing to doing anything for the quilt/sewing projects.

Hall Closet (scrapbooking/crafts):  Not a priority.

For  May:  Not a priority.

Try a new recipe and food item a pay period: When I'm making them/eating them/buying them this month, I thought about it, but never wrote it down.  While I know I did complete this goal, since I can't remember what they were. . .oh wait.  I remember one recipe I tried.  It was Crockpot Asian Sesame Chicken.  It was pretty good.  Though I think I would put the chicken in frozen for the three hours, since they seemed to be pretty dry when I had got to them before putting on the "sauce" component.  I also made some jasmine wild rice in my rice cooker to go along with it.  I had never (to my knowledge) tried that before.

For  May:  Again try one more new recipe and food item for the month.

Being active daily: Nopers.

For  May:  Need to start with just stretching--think I can handle that?  Wait, don't answer that ;)

Eating less processed foods/Eating more organic, whole foods:  Ummmmm. . .yeah, no.

For  May:  I'm really just trying to figure out how to make a $50/paycheck food budget work.  Any ideas?

Lose 10% of weight:  I managed to keep off the five, but lost no more.

For  May:  Maintain the 5 pounds.

Grow a veggie/fruit plant: Yeah, I'm really sure that should be now.  I need to get on it!

For  May:  Now I need to choose the type of plant and get it.

Circle + Bloom's mind-body program:  Wasn't a priority, and I didn't do it.

For  May:  Not a priority, unless I'm feeling it.

Come up with a nightly ritual:  It's not written down and it's not in practice, but I've got one floating around in that space between my ears.

For  May:  I'll be happy if I've got it all implemented (not even like it's some complex routine, but little bits at a time of goals at a time) by July.

Monthly Challenge:  Done!  You can read about it up in the "Reading the Bible" portion of this post.

For  May:  I'm taking a break this month from a challenge.  I know I'll be ready for one again come June.  (I cannot even believe it is so close!)

Staying open on how becoming a mommy:  Staying open really helped me to get where I'm at with my decision.  And it feels so good and right.  I'm going to go ahead and delete this "goal" now.  It did it's job well :)

Here's to having May's review up before almost half-way through June ;)  Here's to working on goals and commitments!

Sunday, May 11

Happy Mother's Day

(Image from: SocialCafeMag)

Happy Mother's Day 2014

With Love as big as the sea
Thanks for all that you have done/do/have yet to do, numbered as many as the stars in the night's sky
Prayers for blessings to cover you like your favorite comfy, cozy blanket
I am and will forever be grateful to call you my Mommy!

Happy Mother's Day <3

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful women in my life.  As well as all of those in your lives my dear sweet readers :)