Tuesday, May 20

Happy 4th Birthday Moo!

It's that time again.  The special time of year when I get to celebrate the arrival of my Goddaughter #2, my second precious niece.  Another year blessed of her life and presence in mine.  What a wonderful little girl she is.

Halloween 2013--Princess Snow White

You are looking more and more like your mommy.  About a month ago I had Sue look at a family picture, back from when it was just me, mommy, grandpa and grandma.  Back before KK.  Sue wasn't sure who each person was.  I was pegged as grandma (another look-a-like ;) ), and she could't quite place the other three.  However she did say she didn't know what that girl (mommy) was, but she sure looked a lot like Moo.

You still will tell me that you are not "tiny" when I use it as a nickname for you.  That you are growing big and strong.  You know, so you can ride more rides at WDW with Sue :)  I'm often reminded that, "Though she may be small, she is fierce." (Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.)  You still love with quite an intensity.  You will put your all into giving kisses and hugs.  You will give up a toy to keep a sister (older or younger) from sprouting tears.  You get upset (and understandably so) when a sister (again, younger or older) isn't quite into playing with you at the moment.

You have one of those hollow legs that KK, your mom and I had once-upon-a-time.  Your tummy is always wanting something to eat.  Though sometimes it seems to only want something sweet ;)  Good thing there's always some piece of fruit to snack on ;)  For whatever reason, you're not a big "dinner" kind of girl.

You, like most little girls around here, this country, maybe the world?, are in love with Frozen.  Well, being a princess period.  You adore wearing dresses (hmmm. . .my middle sister was all about the dresses too. . .), making "princess" faces, and dancing.  It's a hoot to get to watch you sing along with Elsa and act out the scene while singing Let It Go.

Recently whenever I'm with you, you like to remind me that I'm your Godmother.  :)  Whenever I try to call you my Goddaughter you just laugh at me.  Silly aunt.

For your Birthday I took half a day off and took you out to lunch and shopping.  You enjoyed eating, and being silly, at Culver's.  I think the lady at the counter taking the order thought I had made you rehearse saying that you wanted applesauce instead of french fries.  That choice was totally yours though.  You slurped (literally) that down and then asked me for more.  You also had a grilled cheese and some chocolate milk.  You didn't know any better, so we skipped the scoop of custard.  I had another treat in store and didn't want to sugar you up too much before your Birthday cake.

Then we hit Super Target.  You made out with a Sleeping Beauty/Aurora/Briar Rose dress (so Bella can wear hers and you can be twins).  KK was being a barista over at the Starbucks inside the store so she made you a Cotton Candy drink.  You loved that pink drink.  Though it was a small it looked so big next to you.  We grabbed some dark blue with sparkles fingernail polish on our way out.

We had to run to Hobby Lobby real quick so Auntie could choose some stickers/embellishments to finish her gift to you.  A photo album/scrapbook of you from birth to right before you turned one.  Then we came back and you "rested" in my bed while I finished the book and wrapped it up.  We soon headed off to your house since Mommy and Sue would be home from school and you wanted to show your freshly painted nails and new dress.

Mommy and Papa had a fun "Frozen" Birthday Party for you, complete with the two sisters on a cake just for you.  Well, okay, you had to share the eating part ;)

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!!  But remember our deal--no turning 5!!!

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