Thursday, May 22

Happy 6th Birthday Sue!

Gulp!  Six. . .I remember turning six.  I remember getting a Cabbage Patch brush, comb mirror set on my actual Birthday.  I remember getting a smaller CP mirror from Mimi.  I remember my birthday party, where all the girls in my kindergarten class could make it to the party.  I remember the hand drawn and colored posters/pictures my daddy made to decorate.  I remember my mommy running the games.  I remember not making to the end in musical chairs, and may or may have not cried on the stairs over it.

I wonder how much of what happens now you'll remember when you're my age (let's not even discuss what my age will be.)  How much of what has already happened in your life you'll laugh over later with your sisters, or tell your niece about.  I hope that I never forget how sweet, silly, fun and innocent you are right now at this age.

Christmas 2013*Decorating Aunt RH's Tree

Let's start with just how loving you are!  Oh sure, like the rest of us you have your moments when that's not exactly a top priority.  You are always more than willing to give a hug, a kiss, an "I love you!" to family who asks for or looks like they need it.  I've got to witness, let alone hear about, you saying good-bye and an eager wave to your friends and classmates as you leave school for the day.

School, what's up with that?!  Your last day of Kindergarten is also your Birthday!  You'll get to experience your first summer through the eyes of a school kid.  Right now you can't even fathom the amount of days you're about to have off.  It will be a great blessing to you to get to spend some quality time reconnecting to your sisters, mommy and papa.  Even aunties may have some time off during the week to hang out with you.

You have also become more of your own person this year.  Needing some time to yourself.  Between school all day and sisters pouncing on you when you get home because they miss their big sister big time, it can be a lot for a little girl.  But trust me, you will not regret spending as much time as you can playing with your sisters.

You are still fond of kittens and names like--glitter silvery sparkles, but have also really loved the name "Pearl" this year too.  Much like Moo, you are also a Princess lover.  Well it's actually probably the other way around--because you are the lover of princesses, Moo is too.  Whether it's Ariel, Sleeping Beauty or Elsa (well, I guess technically she's a queen . . .) you love watching their movies and dressing up like them.

You sang Let It Go on Meika's Birthday with just the instrumental back ground, and little girlie you can sing.  And that's not me being a biased aunt.  I was really impressed with your skills :)  Grandma's mom and dad would have loved to have put you on stage with them while they played guitars :)

We had so much fun together on your Birthday.  I took half a day vacation for you too.  After Grandma and Grandpa picked you up for school, we headed to Super Target.  Well after having to gas up the car and making silly faces at each other while I did so.  After making the hard decision of what to get, you decided on a Cinderella dress.  You can't fit into the only other Cinderella dress at your house, so you chose that one to get.  It matched the fingernail polish I had just bought on Moo's b-day to a "t".  I was just glad to get out of the toy aisle without a bouncing ball mishap by one of the crazy high schoolers that were chucking them over aisles and climbing into where the balls are kept.

All you wanted for your lunch out was a Lunchable.   You choose the one with the chocolate pudding.  KK was sick that day and not at Starbucks, so we skipped that.  Not like you knew that was even an option though :)

I grabbed some Arby's and got you an orange shake.  You asked where mine was, and when I said I only got you one, I could tell you were excited but perhaps a little sad that I wouldn't have one for myself?  Then we headed to find a park, because that's where you really wanted to eat.  I'll be honest, and say that I was worried they were going to be overrun with kiddos since school had just let out.  The one I took us too though--not one kid!  There were some guys playing frisbee, but no where near the playground equipment.  You decided that we would eat a little then play, then eat and play, then eat and play.  We were there for like two hours and it was so much fun.

At one point I told you that I couldn't believe you were six already.  To which you replied, "And I can't believe you are. . .(whispers) how old are you?"  35.  "And I can't believe you are 35 already Aunt Red Head!"  LOL little girl, you are too much, but very sincere.  I know I was having a great time because I remember thinking that I hope I can spend a birthday with Grace just like this one day.  Or know an aunt of her's is having this same fun with their niece.  It was such a special day.

Mommy even got to stop by after school for a few minutes before running off to the store for some last minute things for your party.  We left shortly after.  You mentioned how you hoped that some people were hiding and would jump out and shout "Happy Birthday!", because that's what happens on your Birthday when you've left the house for awhile.  So I had to call Grandma real quick and she got Grandpa and Moo to do just that for you.

We then showed Moo your dress and painted your nails.  Your's dried while I touched up Moo's.  Mommy was by soon after to whisk you home.

Your family party was at night and was "Frozen" themed.  You had some yummy Nothing Bundt Cakes.  You ate yours soooo fast so you could play with your new Disney Princess Barbie Dolls Grandma and Grandpa got you.  Running around outside playing and putting on a unicorn tattoo was your night.

Happy Birthday to the newest First Grader :)

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