Sunday, February 1

My New Year

Well, I'm back.  For now at least ;)

It kind of ebbs and flows, wanting to write when I really don't have much going on in the way of the main purpose for this blog.  No, I'm not pregnant or in the process of adoption at this point.  But perhaps writing here can just be more about my life as it is now---while the thread is twisting around. I've probably said this on this very blog already.  Probably last year when I started up again.

Right now I'm taking down Christmas decorations and sorting through things that have accumulated on my floor.  Yep, just getting around to taking down the Christmas decorations.  I had that horrible cold/flu that started New Year's Day and hung around for about two weeks.  I'm pretty sure the hit my immune system took open the door for stupid hive/bump deal I get to walk right through.  That was pretty rough (well, for me anyways) dealing with sickness and "those things!"  It makes me very appreciative of my health that I probably take way too much advantage of the rest of the time.

Speaking of my health, it makes a great segue into what you may see a lot of my content being here for now. I started Weight Watchers at the end of September last year, and even got the Active Link to see how (little?) I was moving and shaking.  I knew going into it I wasn't going to worry about the month of December.  Once I got sick in January, exactly on the New Year, and knew I'd be heading to my favorite vacation destination for an extended weekend towards the end of the month, I didn't want to set myself up for failure for the week and half I would have to get back to WW.

I'm all ready again!  Starting tomorrow, I'm logging in my weight and putting on my new FitBit.  Active Link is great for what it does, but I'm looking forward to cutting out another $5/mo that you have to pay for the Active Link website.  WW now links your FitBit to their site and changes it into Activity Points you've earned.

One thing I found that I never thought would have worked for me, was doing Simply Filling.  I did the two week Simple Start, thinking I would hate it and just wanting to get through those two weeks.  Only to find out that I loved not having to measure things out or figure out their Points Plus value.  Unless I want something that is not on the Simply Filling list, then I figure out it's Points value and log it. Also so nice to not have to log points all the time!  I'm a creature of habit, if you have not already gleaned that ;), so eating the same things over and over is just fine with me.  It makes breakfast and lunches so much easier.  I have dinners that I enjoy and so left overs for a couple of nights works just fine for me too.

I also talked about how things can be a little "black and white" in my brain.  That the "all or nothing" approach is one I usually take, but often with zero results.  The ping pong game playing in my head over food/weight loss is usually "just follow the WW SF plan and continue losing weight like you had been" vs. "but a lot of the food is sugar free/fat free and that's not the more 'natural' approach that you should be taking with this body--you've read the research, have the info".  For now I need to get the weight off/down, and then perhaps move over to counting points while choosing the 'more natural/better for you' foods.

Just trying again to take it step by step.  Regardless of how I become a mom, I know I need to get that BMI down.  I need to do it for myself, and to become a mom.  This is the part of the journey I'll share here now.  Sure it will be so exciting and fascinating--lol.  However, I feel like it's time to chronicle/journal a little again, so here we are.  Let me know if there's anything you would like to read more of, and I'll do my best to include it :)

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