Saturday, January 2

Not Quite Off To a Great Start

Today was the baby niece's 4th Birthday party.  Instead of being with the other Aunts, Uncles, cousins and Grandparents, I'm at home.  I have a dumb old cold again--where I'm pretty sure my bark sounds worse than my bite.  In other words, I sound much worse than I actually feel.  Well, at least in that aspect.  I also am having a dang skin flare up.  On my thigh.  Where if I walk it rubs against my other thigh, causing it to itch like mad and put my nerve endings on high alert.  Instead of seeing my baby dolls, I'm here at home.  I'm thankful that KK is bringing them over here later for a sleepover with her :)  Also happy that I was able to see baby girl after work on her actual Birthday, and that she can open her present over here with me later tonight!

I am also lucky enough to be able to watch YouTube and check out videos on the new SmartPoints program from Weight Watchers.  Which is something I'll be starting (again--well, WW at least...SmartPoints just started at the beginning of December) on Monday, January 4th.  After some other things get figured out (some for the billionth time) I'll set up a new timeline for getting out of debt.  Which will hopefully give me a better timeline to getting to the actual starting line of adoption!  

I seriously am wanting this to be for my 40th Birthday (good gravy--40!!!  Which is really just 3 years and 2 months away *insert eyes popping out here*)  Well besides wanting it to have happened when I first got the calling.  I'm hoping for sooner, but until I find out some things (which I'll share later) I'm guessing the 40th b-day is probably about right.  Anyway, that gives me 3 years to get physically fit and drop those pounds!  If I'm going to be an "older" mom, I better position myself to be in shape for it!

I'm planning to do some grocery hauls, what I eat in a day, how I'm doing on Weight Watchers kind of posts here in the near future.  Even if I'm floundering about on what exactly I'm doing ;)

Hope this 2nd day of the New Year finds you all doing well!  I'm also lucky enough to have this day off on vacation, and not having to deal with these issues at work!

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