Sunday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day 2016

This week had quite a few important days on the calendar with special Holidays/Observances.

The week started off with the Lunar/Chinese New Year!  I'm trying to start working in the Chinese holidays into my life, and share them with the family.  That way when Grace is in our family, it's part of the holidays/celebrations we join in on, and a way to share our cultural backgrounds.  2016 is the year of the Monkey!  I had bought some red envelopes and instead of money, and just giving them to the kiddos, I filled them with a monkey bracelet and gave one to mom, dad, KK, Mimi, Ebob, and the nieces :)  I kept one for myself and have one in an envelope for Grace as well, one day in the future.   I got four in red (b/c that's all I could find in red) for the little girls (nieces and Grace), two gray ones for the guys, and four white ones for us "older" ladies.  Wasn't until I was passing them out that I remembered that white in Chinese culture is usually used for funerals.  Whoops!!  But they will go with most things ;)  I need to learn to make some (authentic) Chinese foods/meals.  I picked up some frozen Chinese meals this time though, and they were quite yummy :)

While I didn't do anything for Fat Tuesday, as always it is followed by Ash Wednesday.  Unfortunately, I had the start of this lovely cold that I've been dealing with still.  I did however go ahead and start the Lent 2016 study from She Reads Truth.  I have decided that taking on the "Read the Bible in a Year" at this point, is too overwhelming for me.  Especially if I miss a day or two, I just feel so behind and like I can't catch up to the point I just stop.  I like following along with their studies, even if I've only done a few so far, and reading related verses from the Bible and then the ladies' takes on how it applies to our lives.  I may or may not also enjoy clicking the "Read" button at the end of the selection of verses to get the satisfaction of having actually read some of the Bible.  I need more of it in my life!

Friday I was offered a new position at work that I had applied for back in December.  It's in the same group I'm with right now, but that is a "senior" position where the one I have/had is/was "associate" level.  It's some of what I had done two jobs prior, but to the next level, if that makes any sense.  It will be nice to not have to wake up at 4 am anymore, but will stink having to go back to working Holidays (especially Christmas this year :(); it will be nice having a nice little bump in pay, but still have to do the work load/more pressure to earn that money.  Oh, yeah, I accepted it ;)

Which brings us to today, Sunday, Valentine's Day.  I spent time this morning with KK as we listened to our second lesson from Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University.  I planned out my meals for this week to help me stay on plan, and we ran to Target to grab my groceries.  KK is having a sleepover for the little ladies this evening (especially since they don't have school tomorrow), and so I'll get to love on them for a little while.

I have a lot more to say/write/tell you all, but for now we're caught up.  I'm really working on making things more "do-able" and not overwhelming.  I wanted to share here in my space, and figured I had an actual topic that would keep me somewhat focused on this week ;)  I better get to work on decluttering/spring cleaning my bedroom closet now.  Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!!!!

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