5/11:  In my mind's eye it is a combination of "You Are My Sunshine" and "When You Wish Upon a Star."  We'll see how it turns out ;)

6/12:  Seeing as I really find the "When You Wish Upon a Star" theme to fit this part of my life, it is what I plan to use in her bedroom.  KK (who has a degree in interior design) has listened to what I'd like and has come up with a plan for the walls of the bedroom.  It will be a pink that works in some blue, the red thread, and lyrics to "our song."  Now should things change down the line, and that's always a possibility, then the paint and walls can always change to reflect that (you know if it's a boy ;) )

So the walls still need to be prepped before painting can even begin, but it's fun for right now to be doing something for her.  Ah, who am I kidding, for me!  Here are some "before" pictures of the room.  As it was originally KK's room, then a scrapbooking room/office and now a holding room for G's things.  Eventually it will house my old daybed, the crib, a nightstand (which can also be a changing table. . .not it's original intention, but hey why not), an overstuffed chair and hopefully book shelf.  Plus everything in the closet ;)

8/12:  Now that I've moved to starting my family with a bio baby first, the room is going back to more of a nursery theme than toddler room.  I was going to wait to find out the gender then go all out boy or girly girl.  That was until I saw this fabric while perusing Pinterest:
And fell in LOVE with it for a nursery theme.  It's called Woodland Tails, and I just think it lends to a cozy, fun little room.  Also one that baby can grow into and keep a little longer than just babyhood, I hope.  It's also gender neutral enough, that if my current whim of not wanting to find out the gender (yeah, it's gone back and forth a few times--and not even preggo--*rolls eyes*).  Since this is just material though it means that I will be making all the nursery items (curtains, crib skirt, quilt, etc) using the different fabrics.  We shall see how this goes :)

10/12:  Here is the room after I painted it, put together a cube shelving unit and added/bought some other things as well: